Pied Potter Hamelin

American Redware and Slipware

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Order redware pottery by Pied Potter Hamelin



gold on red, squiggles & dots

black on red, squiggles & dots


spangles & daubs

spangles on gold

plates, line patterns

santas and dragons

© 2009-16 Pied Potter Hamelin / 413-436-7444 / Design Kulina CreativeConcepts

Custom Order American Handmade Redware Pottery

At Pied Potter Hamelin you'll discover a large selection of unique wares for your home. Our strong belief in process and authenticity allows us to offer you one-of-a-kind handmade pottery, hence the variations in size and color.

All the pieces are signed, lead-free, and have an antique finish applied to the unglazed surfaces.